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Do you find yourself stuck in patterns or habits that don’t make you happy? Are you in a relationship that you know could be better, but are not sure what to do differently? Or are you facing a crisis or decision point in your life and don’t know which way to go? There is hope! Blaine may be able to help you get “unstuck”, recover the joy and love in your relationships, or make a difficult decision based on wisdom and choice.

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What to Expect

Blaine has professional training and experience in working with individuals, couples and families to address and resolve issues that take away your joy and peace of mind. For issues outside his expertise, he will refer you to other professionals.
Blaine believes that each individual has a right to their own perceptions, experience and feelings about what’s going on in their lives. He treats your perspective with respect and a non-judgmental attitude.
Positive change
If you are looking to create positive changes in your life, Blaine may be able to help you. Using various effective tools, he’s helped hundreds of individuals take action to change their lives or relationships for the better.
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